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Space Planning

Space planning, office design and layouts are vital to get right before even considering purchasing new office furniture. Poorly designed offices cost UK businesses £135 billion pounds a year in lost productivity(1). Riverfield Office Interiors has expertise in space planning, ensuring the most efficient utilisation of the space available to you. We consider the flow of people traffic, meeting spaces, equipment location, the flow of power and data and the quality and movement of air and light.

No matter how good the office furniture, or how great a deal you negotiated on the office furniture you install, badly designed offices undermine the productivity of staff leading to reduced output, lower creativity and difficulty with recruitment and retention. Personal space, access to natural light and comfortable temperature are the most important factors contributing to job satisfaction, creating productive and happy employees. Unfortunately, many environments are still categorised by overcrowded spaces, where people fit uncomfortably around the requirements of technology, stuffy offices and inadequate daylight.

Riverfield Office Interiors provides an expert and experienced space planning service, producing computer aided designs (CAD) to show how professional space planning can create attractive new office environments, or fit more people and equipment, with more space, into an existing office.

All designs meet current health and safety legislation and the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

(1)These Four Walls: The Real British Office. A survey of 200 middle and senior managers conducted by Vanson Bourne, March 2005.

Example of a Riverfield Office Interiors CAD drawing

For more information, advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation and free quotation contact us on the details below:

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