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Renovating and refurbishing office chairs and seating makes economic and environmental sense. The cost of renovating an office chairs represents an average saving of over 50% against purchasing a new one. Refurbishment, rather than disposal, also creates less waste, reduces landfill and carbon footprint and epitomises a more sustainable, environmental approach that is crucial to many businesses and organisations today.

How does it work?
Any chair that is damaged, or just requires updating with new fabric and colours, can be accommodated. In most cases, we will collect your chairs for renovation and prior to any re-upholstery work being carried out, undertake a five point check for fatigue and cracks on the:

seat and back structure
gas spindles
arm and fixings
base and castors

Any moving part that is faulty can be replaced and a quotation will be provided to do so. On approval, the renovation is then carried out, replacing faulty parts and re-upholstering the fabric according to your colour and style needs. Where a large volume of chairs are being renovated, we can provide a sample chair service in the fabric of your choice for approval before completing all the remaining chairs.

The renovated chairs are then delivered back to you.

How long does it take?
From collection, a standard service and renovation takes approximately two weeks. Replacement furniture can be loaned if required whilst the refurbishment takes place.

For more information, advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation and free quotation contact us on the details below:

FREEPHONE: 0800 781 8628
Email: Laurence@riverfield-office-interiors.co.uk



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